Project : Namakabroud Beach Resort Infrastructure
Client : Omran va maskan shomal
Consult Engineer : Omran va maskan shomal
City : Namakabroud
Area : 17000 Square meters
End Date : In process

Project : The number one tower of the five Royaye Kish towers
Client : Tisa kish
Consult Engineer : Peyman qadir
City: Kish
Area: 19700 square meters,18 Floors
Structures : Steel
End Date : In process

Project :
Client : Pars saze ta'min
Consult Engineer : Arg Bam Kerman
City : Tehran
Area : 14000 Square meters,18 Floors
Structures : steel
End Date : Jan 2019

Project :
Client :
Consult Engineer :
City : Rasht
Area : 7500 Square meters,9 Floors
Structures :
End Date : Mar 2015

Project : Faculty of pharmacy,nursing and midwifery
Client : Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
Consulting Engineer :
City : Tehran
Area : 33000 Square meters
Structures : Cpncrete
End Date : Sep 2011

Project :
Client : National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company
Consulting Engineer :
City : Tazian
Area : 7300 Square meters
Structures : Masonry
End Date : Nov 1998

Project :
Client : Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcaster
Consulting Engineer :
City : Isfahan
Area : 5600 Square meters
Structures : Steel
End Date : Mar 1996

Project :
Client :
Consulting Engineer :
City : Tehran
Area : 27000 Square meters,8 Floors
Sructures : Concrete
End Date : Feb 2007

About us

Forcement Construction Company Registration No. 37317. Dated 14/05/1980 with 40 years of useful and connected experience in construction and development around the country.

It has rank one in construction, rank one in mechanic, electric and equipment, rank five in transportation of the Planning and Management Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Member of the Construction Companies Guild, Technical and Executive Managers Association, Construction Engineering Disciplinary Organization and Mass Builders Association of Housing and Buildings.


With more than 100 technical and executive staff, capable of construction all projects, different buildings and civil works - electrical and mechanical works, installation machinery of factories, design and calculation of all of the above.

Implementation of the Integrated Management System (IMS) including:

Quality Management System ISO9001

Environmental Management System ISO14001

Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS18001.


Residential Oil Company

Stadium of Medical Sciences University

Art Students' Dormitory

Sima houses

Esfahan Voice Center

Lorestan University Stadium

Lorestan Chemistry Department

Corporate Aviation Homes

Golshahr Commercial Complex

Haji Abad Emergency

Residential Directorate General for Mines

Rahbar School

Babol Therapeutic Clinic

Shahdad Residential Unit

Ommat School

Parvin School

Namak Abroud

Tisa Kish


Rasht Keshavarzi Bank

Teacher Training Psychology

Tarbiat Moalem Library

Persian Gulf Technical College

Persian Gulf welfare culture

Side and Sound Building

Arvand Industrial Exhibition

Shahid Beheshti

Anzali Free Zone

Banooye Aftab

Omidieh Hospital

Gachsaran Central Building

Tarbiat moallem Literature

Oxin Condoitis

Mahshahr Hotel

Lighting of Taleghani Town

Mahshahr Park

Artistic field

Petrochemical Research Center


Family Court

Jurisdiction of Rasht

Lorestan Economic Sciences

Aghajari Indoor Pool

Gulf basic science

Campus Preparation

Residential Andishe

Iranian Cinema Museum

Persian Gulf University self-service

Persian Gulf University Mosque

Gulf School of Humanities

Self Service University of Lorestan

Water Museum Garden